clev·er /ˈklevər/adjective

  1. quick to understand, learn, and apply ideas; intelligent.


This is definitely NOT your regular “Book Club”.

CWC was created to empower women to have a relationship with reading and allow them to engage in intellectual and engaging conversations.

Here’s how it works:

Every month we select a new author from our Featured Authors List. A book from this author will be sent to your home followed by a personal invitation to meet the woman behind the book in an exclusive book signing event at Spring Place Beverly Hills.

You will have an opportunity to hear directly from the author as she shares her story, struggles, fears and successes that lead her to pursue her passion. This will be followed by a Q & A, book signing and photo-op with the author.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to network and mingle with new and exciting women who share similar interests over a cozy glass of wine and some delicious nibbles.

Subscribe and experience “Book Club” like never before!

(At the end of each year we will conduct a survey to find out which was the favorite author and book of the year. You will also participate to win a lunch-date with your favorite author!)